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Chartered in 1961, the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Washington DC Post (Chapter) has come a long way! From its earliest beginnings, the Washington DC Post has always had dedicated individuals leading the operations and missions of the Post. Leadership has always been an integral part of the Washington DC Post's success story.

Located in our Nation's Capital, the Washington DC Post draws on the overabundance of available professional development and networking resources in the area. These resources include the many federal, state and local agencies, the abundance of the private sector's technical and innovative expertise, and the small business initiatives that are an important part of our architecture, engineering, and construction and related industries.

With over 1,800 members the Washington DC Post is the largest SAME post (chapter) in the Society. Its size is attributable not only to its geographic location, but also to its excellent programs, seminars and workshops and the commitment to offer our members professional development and networking opportunities. We are presently in an exponential membership growth mode! Become a Washington DC Post member!

The Washington DC Post is one of six SAME posts in the Middle Atlantic Region, and only one of 105 Posts (Chapters) at home and abroad.

Like each SAME post, the Washington DC Post is an extension of the Society of American Military Engineers. The Washington DC Post fully supports the SAME mission, vision, and goals and objectives. The Washington DC Post continues to grow as the Society grows, and continues to align and realign its operations and mission objectives as the Society aligns and realigns its focus, operations structure, and support initiatives to posts.

The Washington DC Post is steadfast, membership driven, and dedicated to making a difference. The Washington DC Post fulfills the SAME Mission, Vision, and Values - all in support to national defense!

The Washington DC Post stays current on A/E/C industry news to share the latest regulatory and technical information with our members. In addition, SAME publications provide the latest information and directives coming from the Society. The information gathered from these two valuable information resources are evaluated and implemented by our Post in a way that most benefits the Washington DC Post membership and contributes to the well being of our community and our nation. We welcome you to become a SAME Washington DC Post member of our award winning Post, and become active in our strategic and program planning initiatives. We invite you to provide your recommendations or suggestions to our leadership team - Member Feedback.

The Washington DC Post retains its identity by serving its membership, answering the call of duty in the community, and reaching out to other area organizations for professional development, building relationships and partnerships, membership expansion, and innovative solutions to our industries' most complex challenges! Forward thinking, membership driven and strategically responsive, the Washington DC Post is leading the way and setting a precedent as a premier Post (Chapter) of the Society of American Military Engineers!

The Washington DC Post's most recent initiatives include:

  • Community Outreach
  • Membership Growth
  • Comprehensive Recognition Program
  • National Security Programs and Readiness
  • Joint Programs and Professional Development
  • Education and Training
  • Strategic Scholarship Plan