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Mentor Program
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If you would like to become a mentor, please contact Dr. Bob Wolff ( who currently heads up our Leadership & Mentoring Program.

Washington DC Post Fellows Chair and Mentor Program Chair(s)
LCDR Linnea Dorn (
LT Rachael Love (

Washington DC Post's Mentor Program:
Guiding Light for Young Members and the Future of our Society

An important mission of the Society of American Military Engineers is to educate, train, and guide our young members and transitioning military personnel to become future leaders of our Society and our professions in an increasingly competitive worldwide environment. It is for these important goals that the SAME Washington DC Post created a mentor program that promotes a synergistic professional learning relationship between our experienced members and society fellows and our young members and transitioning military personnel.

Our volunteer mentors facilitate the professional development of our young members on a variety of fundamental topics from business processes such as contract negotiations and writing proposals, to the operational logistics of how our public and private sectors conduct business. Young members broaden their skills by participating with mentors in on-the-job situations such as meetings, events, conferences, and other technical activities. As we know, there is no better teacher than experience itself.

Mentors also help our young member mentees with visioning, goal setting, and career planning, as well as provide feedback on career paths of interest to young members. In addition, one-on-one assessments between young members and mentors provide guidance on training programs for self-improvement, writing skills, effective resume development, project management, and leadership skills. It is this professional mentoring experience that benefits both mentors, who can be proud of giving back to the young generation of future leaders, and to our young members who appreciate the opportunity to learn.

There are many positive reasons to participate and support the SAME Washington DC Post mentor program:

•  Gaining professional development
•  Giving back to make a difference
•  Attracting and retaining members for SAME
•  Improving our professions
•  Educating and training our future leaders
•  Improving career prospects for our young members
•  Helping transitioning military personnel into the civilian private/public sectors

The purpose of the SAME Washington DC Post mentor program is to help broaden the leadership and technical skills of our young members through participatory professional mentoring sessions with our experienced senior members.

Please consider becoming a mentor or a mentee at the SAME Washington DC Post and participate in a professional learning experience of value.