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The SAME Washington DC Post holds monthly Board of Directors meetings, regular Committee meetings, and periodic task force and general membership meetings during the year. These meetings allow our leadership team to plan programs, and prepare long-term strategic goals and objectives. We have dedicated individuals who never cease to give of themselves to increase value to our members and contribute to the well being of our community.

Meeting of the Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors Meetings

Board of Directors meetings of the Washington DC Post take place monthly, usually on the same day as the monthly Washington DC Post Seminar/Program. These meetings allow your Board of Directors to review ongoing Post initiatives, plan programs, and share information that is of benefit to members, the Washington DC Post, the Society, and our community.

We welcome your active participation at our Washington DC Post. If you would like to get involved, please contact our Board of Directors for additional information.

Committee Meetings

The success of our Washington DC Post is attributable in no small measure to the active participation and planning of our Committee Chairs and members. Each Committee strives to incorporate the overall Washington DC Post goals and objectives into its planning and coordination initiatives. Committees meet on a regular basis to review ongoing initiatives and plan ahead. We welcome your participate on any one of our Committees. Simply contact one of our Committee Chairs and get involved!

Bylaws Task Force Meetings

The most recent initiative at the Washington DC Post is the planning and reorganization of its operations and committee initiatives. This bold effort entails the dedication of a number of Washington DC Post Bylaws Task Force members, who meet to streamline and align our Post operations and committees with the SAME Strategic Plan and new Post Bylaws template. The Washington DC Post Bylaws Task Force will publish the proposed new Washington DC Post Bylaws to our web site, where our members will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed structure of our Post. We welcome your active participation in this very important initiative.

General Membership Meetings

The Washington DC Post holds period general membership meetings, where the goals and objectives of the Post are presented to our members for review, observation, and comment. We will shortly announce the date and time of our next General Membership meeting.