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2000 Program Highlights
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Fourth Annual Awards Ceremony and Installation of Officers and Directors

Pentagon Renovation Program
Mr. Walker Lee Evey, the Program Manager and Director of the Pentagon Renovation Office, covered the improvements being implemented in a context of facilities' history and future. Mr. Levy outlined the origins of the Pentagon, beginning with the early 1940's, through a presentation of astounding statistics and unique photo images. He outlined the plan for the future that includes the Design/Build approach. The $3 billion program has been implemented with the assistance of the COE and private firms working together in unison. He proudly noted that 70% of all renovation waste has been recycled. The facility, completed in 1943, was built in 16 months and cost $83 million. The renovation began in 1993, and though originally thought of being completed in 10 years, now is scheduled to completed by 2013.

Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Banquet
This Annual Scholarship dinner featured the American Battle Monument Commission speaking about the proposed design of the World War II Memorial, the last major memorial planned for the National Mall.

Department of State, Foreign Buildings Office Program
Presenter: Ms. Patsy Thomasson, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary, Department of State, FBO. Ms. Thomasson addressed FBO's program goals, innovative procurement methods, pre-qualification of A/E firms, construction issues, partnering and value engineering. She also discussed specific projects and available program dollars, including project and contract types.

Navy Programs FY 2001
Captain Thomas M. Boothe, CEC, USN, PE, Deputy Commander for Operations, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, represented Rear Admiral Louis M. Smith, CEC, USN, PE, Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command during a presentation overview of the Navy's Military Construction Program FY 2001 Budget.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Programs FY 2001
Representatives form the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave an overview of the program outlining the USACE Civil Works and Military Programs for FY 2001 and FY 2002.

U.S. Public Health Service
Rear Admiral Williams, Chief Engineer, US Public Health Service (USPHS), gave the Service Chief's presentation on the background of the USPHS and then talked a little about on-going facilities and construction projects. He also discussed future projects on the horizon for the Operating Divisions of the USPHS.

Partnering Workshop
This comprehensive workshop, with representatives from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Department of State, with Col Timothy Byers, Office of the Civil Engineer, US Air Force, Washington DC serving as the moderator, addressed a number of questions pertaining to partnering. What is partnering? Why use partnering? How does partnering work? How do we know partnering is working? What are partnering concerns? In addition, Dwight Beranek, PE, Chief of Engineering and Construction, USACE HQ, gave a presentation on Partnering Best Practices.

U.S Air Force FY 2001 Programs
Presenter: Colonel Emmitt Smith from the Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer, The Pentagon, presented the overview brief and provided highlights on the US Air Force budget and the Civil Engineer strategy for prioritizing the budget. He also provided an update on the Air Force military construction, housing, environmental and utility privatization programs.

The Goals and Objectives of the Capital Improvement Program
Presenter: William Lawson, FAIA, Acting Executive Director, National Capital Planning Commission.

Fall Scholarship Golf Tournament
Andrews Air Force Base Golf Course

Disaster Response A National Approach
Presenter: J. David Duffer, PE, Civil Engineer Infrastructure Support Division, Response and Recovery Directorate, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Major Subcontracting Changes Small Business Administration
Presenter: Robert Taylor, National Program Manager for the Subcontracting Program, Small Business Administration gave a presentation on major subcontracting changes that effect not only small business firms, but large business firms as well.