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Annual Awards Ceremony and Installation of Officers and Directors (January 2003)

Engineering the Immune Building (February 2003)
The terror of 9/11, the anthrax mail, and the many terrorist warnings have changed the way we work. Protecting our citizens, property, and the way of life against chemical-biological (CB) attack is now a critical national challenge at home. It is vital to protect the buildings that support daily life commercial offices, hospitals, schools, transportation centers, utilities, and banks, to name a few.

Presenter: Dr. Harvey Ko, a Chief Scientist at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory, provided a presentation to illustrate how building protection technologies are improving in a post 9/11 environment.

Washington DC Post Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Dinner (March 2003)

Predictive Modeling for Readiness Planning (April 2003)
Predictive models are being increasingly used to support rapid impact assessment and response to natural, technological, and chemical-biological disasters.

Presenter: Mr. Scott Lawson and Mr. Tom Durham of PBS&J gave a presentation on Predictive Modeling for Readiness Planning. They provided predictive model samples and explained how they were being used as decision-support tools, and explained their inter-linkage in support of disaster scenarios.

Building the Case for Sustainable Design (May 2003)
Sustainable design is becoming a major force in construction, both in government and private industry. However, there is a perception that sustainable design can increase construction costs and may be impractical to apply in all situations. The panelists presented specific examples of how their organizations are applying sustainable design and construction principles throughout the life of their projects, and provided highlights into what their organizations have done to make sustainable construction a reality.

Panelists: Dr. Teresa Pohlman, then the Team Leader for the Integrated Sustainable (Design and Construction) Environment, and Safety IPT at the Pentagon Renovation Office (PRO), Mr. Michael Chapman, AIA, then the Senior Architect in the Chief Engineer's Office of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) HQ, and Mrs. Lidia Berger, national Program Director for Sustainable Design of HNTB Architecture.

National Strategy for Homeland Security (June 2003)
Article: July 2003 Newsletter issue

Michael Byrne, Director of National Capital Region Coordination for Emergency Response for the Department of Homeland Security, gave a presentation on National Strategy for Homeland Security and the challenges of implementing it within the Capital Region. A former New York City firefighter, who helped direct the Federal government's response at the World Trade Center in 2002, Mr. Byrne joined the Office of Homeland Security as the Senior Director for Response and Recovery in October 2001, where he was instrumental in shaping the national vision and policy for emergency preparedness and response. Mr Byrne's contributions include the development of the President's First Responder Initiative, and the development of the National Strategy for Homeland Security which provides the vision of a national incident management system and single national response plan that will lay out the foundation of emergency preparedness and response in the United States.

Emergency Preparation in a Post 9/11 World (July 2003)
R. David Paulison, Director of the Preparedness Division of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate/FEMA, in the newly created Department of Homeland Security, gave a presentation on the Emergency Preparation in a post 9/11 environment.

Standard Form (SF) 330 Pre-Release Overview (August 2003)
Don Evick, Senior Civil Engineer, Engineering and Construction Division, USACE HQ, gave a presentation on the Standard Form (SF) 330.

U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Construction Tour (August 2003)

Infrastructure Security for the Built Environment (ISBE) Congress The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) (September 2003)

Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament (September 2003)
The Courses at Andrews, Andrews AFB

Managing Risk on Capital Projects (October 2003)
Presenter: Robert Krzywicki, Principal Construction, DuPont Safety Resources

Seabees: Building Infrastructure and Hope in Iraq (November 2003) Article: December 2003 Newsletter issue

Rear Admiral Charles Kubic, Civil Engineer Corps. US Navy Commander, First Naval Construction Division, gave a presentation on the ongoing work of the US Navy Seabees in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

Annual Holiday Gathering (December 2003)