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Over 1,600 People Attended Washington DC Post Programs in 2005!

Recognition Ceremony of our Nation's Deployed Engineering Team and Holiday Bash (20 December 2005) (140+ in attendance)
In an unprecedented initiative, the SAME Washington DC Post organized and held a first rate protocol Recognition Ceremony of our Nation's Deployed Engineering Team, during the annual Post holiday bash, that took place on 20 December 2005 SAME Logoat the Army Navy Country Club, in Arlington, VA. This was a phenomenal program with each of the military services represented and recognized. Individual service members were recognized as well as the actual service. Individual members were presented with a SAME coin that was presented to them in a formal manner by the officer, admiral, and general representing that military service present at the Ceremony. In addition, each officer, admiral, and general who attended the ceremony to represent their service received a Certificate of Appreciation from the SAME Washington DC Post for that military service. To thank our members for their incredible support during 2005, the SAME Washington DC Post provided each program attendee with the new SAME lapel pin with the new SAME logo.

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Program
(17 November 2005) (140+ in attendance)
The SAME Washington DC Post 2005 BRAC program was held on 17 November 2005 at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. Mr. Philip W. Grone, Deputy Under Secretary for Defense Installations & Environment, gave an excellent presentation and updates on BRAC. Mr. Grone has management and oversight responsibilities for military installations worldwide, which have a land area covering 46,000 square miles and containing 587,000 buildings and structures valued at more than $640 billion. His responsibilities include base realignment and closure; privatization of military housing and utilities; the development of installation capabilities, programs and budgets; and integrating installations and environment needs into the weapon acquisition process. Mr. Grone will give a presentation on the current status of BRAC and their impact to the Greater Washington - Baltimore Area.

2006 SAME Washington DC Post's Annual Federal Opportunities Conference
(26 October 2005) (220+ in attendance)
The 2006 Annual Federal Opportunities Conference Presentations focused on opportunities for design, construction, and maintenance of facilities at the respective federal agencies that were represented. The program was held on 26 October 2005 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel, in Crystal City, VA, and was attended by more than 220 SAME members and guests. Will Colston, Overseas Building Operations, Department of State, Jerry Ripken and Bruce Ware, USACE Baltimore District, Ben Lawless, HQ ANG, Kurt Kuhn NAVFAC Washington, and Ed Tupay, DHS, all gave riveting presentations.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services (CARES) Program
(22 September 2005) (80+ in attendance)
The SAME Washington DC Post Veterans Affairs Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services (CARES) Program was held on 22 September 2005 at the Washington Navy Yard. In 1999, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) started the Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services (CARES) process to study the best utilization of VA capital assets. The plan was adopted in February 2004 and has resulted in a major increase in both new construction and renovation of VA owned and leased facilities. Michael Heaton, PE, CCP - Project Management Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, gave an excellent presentation and explained how increases in spending and workload have caused several problems for a reduced Project Management Staff. The presentation addressed the current workloads resulting from the CARES process, the problems of the increase in work, and the solutions that the VA is implementing. The FY '06 budget proposal includes $750 million for the Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services (CARES) program, bringing the total department investment to date to $2.15 billion. The FY '06 proposal includes 28 new outpatient clinics; funding for design work for two new medical facilities in Biloxi, MS; and Fayetteville, AR; as well as additional funding for five other major construction projects in Las Vegas, NV; Cleveland, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Gainesville, FL; and Anchorage, AK. The total program allocation is approximately $1 billion.

MG Dean Fox, The Future of Air Force Engineering Readiness and Facilities - The Civil Engineers Perspective
(25 August 2005) (130+ in attendance)
Major General Dean Fox, the U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer, gave a presentation on current operational support to the GWT by USAF contingency engineers, and a future outlook at AF facilities programs. The program was held on 25 August 2005 at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington DC. The general's presentation included a discussion on the efforts and missions the AF engineers are involved with in the current theater of operations. He also discussed current facility program issues and BRAC-related impacts on these programs with an eye to the future.

U.S. Army Installation Management Agency: Successes and Initiatives
(28 July 2005) (100+ in attendance)
Major General Ronald Johnson, Director, U.S. Army Installation Management Agency (IMA), gave an excellent presentation and provided an overview of the Agency's successful first two years and current initiatives. The program took place on 28 July 2005 at the Crowne Plaza National Airport Hotel, in Crystal City, VA. The U.S. Army Installation Management Agency (IMA) was created in October 2002 at the direction of the Secretary of the Army. IMA's mission is to provide equitable, effective, and efficient management of Army installations worldwide to support mission readiness and execution; enable the well-being of soldiers, civilians, and family members; improve the Army's aging infrastructure; and preserve our environment. IMA manages over $8 billion and oversees approximately 80,000 military and civilian personnel in 179 garrisons worldwide. The Agency is organized into seven regions worldwide: four in the continental U.S., Europe, Pacific, and Korea. Under IMA's single-agency concept, the Headquarters staff and region offices share ideologies and resources in championing the issues that emerge during day-to-day operations.

Design-Build: Different Team Approaches and Successes
(30 June 2005) (120+ in attendance)
Stacie Condrell, Vice President DMJM H&N AECOM; Lee Evey, President Design-Build Institute of American; and Will Colston, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, made up a first-rate panel of speakers who each gave an excellent presentation with lessons learned on design-build. The program was held on 30 June 2005 at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. Design-build, the default project delivery method for the Navy and the preferred method by numerous other owners, is gaining widespread support both within and outside the federal sector. While it can work quite well, design-build is not a panacea. The focus of our panel was how different teams approach design-build. Our discussion was kicked-off with a brief overview by Ms. Condrell, who focused on how two design-build teams working in similar environments and on somewhat similar projects, approach the process differently and attain different results. Like Ms. Condrell, Mr. Evey also brought to the discussion the experiences of the Pentagon Renovation Program, but also the national perspective of the DBIA. He offered the DBIA's views on design-build pitfalls and best-practices. As part of the team for the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, Department of State, Will Colston, also formerly with the PENREN program, shared the State Department's successes with use of design-build for delivery of the many new and enhanced U.S. Embassies being constructed in often challenging locations around the world.

Fast-Tracking Construction Technology Improvements
(26 May 2005) (85+ in attendance)
Dr. Ric Jackson, Director of FIATECH, who manages the Capital Projects Technology Roadmapping Initiative and the Smart Chips Construction Project, and who is a highly regarded speaker at national and international forums gave a riveting presentation on fast tracking construction technology improvements, on 26 May 2005, at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. The construction industry is highly fragmented and lags behind others in technology research, development and deployment (RD&D). FIATECH, a not-for-profit consortium of facility owners, contractors, consultants, suppliers, academic and government organizations focuses on fast-track development and deployment of technologies to improve how capital projects are designed, engineered, and maintained.

Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament
(28 April 2005) (120+ Players)
The SAME Washington DC Post held its Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament on 28 April 2005 at The Courses at Andrews. The weather was perfect, the players were ready, the prizes were waiting, and the food was cooking! The SAME Washington DC Post raised $14,800 toward the Scholarship Program! 120 players stepped on the gas pedal and, with anticipation, headed for the golf course. Vroom! Hole No. 7 had a special surprise, the Hole-in-One Prize was a 2005 Cadillac STS!!! Even though no one got to drive away in their new Caddy, it was a lot of fun! The winning team was led by CDR Mike Coene of FDA, and Len Escanilla, Craig Hayn, and Paul Baliffer of Booze Allen Hamilton - each of whom won $75 gift certificates to the Andrews Golf Pro Shop.

Annual Scholarship Dinner
(30 March 2005) (100+ in attendance)
The SAME Washington DC Post 2005 Scholarship Dinner, held on 30 March 2005 at the Army Navy Club, Washington DC, was attended by more than 100 SAME members and guests. This phenomenal event continues to grow each year, and it is due to the continued support of our individual and sustaining members that we are able to grow our scholarship program each year. Thank you! (View our 2005 Scholarship Recipients) In addition, the SAME Washington DC Post held a special Donor Reception for sustaining members and for individual members who contributed to the SAME Washington DC Post Scholarship Program.

USACE Outlook Presentation
(30 March 2005) (100+ in attendance)
Major General James Cheatham, Acting Director of Military Programs, HQ USACE, gave an excellent presentation on the current and future outlook of USACE at the SAME Washington DC Post 30 March 2005 program at the Army Navy Club, in Washington DC. In addition, MG Cheatham talked about the history of USACE and the implementation of the USACE 2012 plan. Our members had the opportunity to ask MG Cheatham questions and learn more about USACE and upcoming opportunities.

Annual Sustaining Member Recognition Ceremony
(30 March 2005) (100+ in attendance)
Each year, the SAME Washington DC Post recognizes 20-year, 10-year and 5-year sustaining member firms of the Washington DC Post, new sustaining members, and includes special recognition for a firm that has been a great supporter of the Washington DC Post. This past year was unprecedented for the SAME Washington DC Post in the number of new sustaining members.

Annual Awards Ceremony and Installation of Officers and Directors
(27 January 2005) (90+ in attendance)
The Washington DC Post hosted it's 9th Annual Awards Ceremony and the 2005 Installation of Officers and Directors on 27 January 2005 at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. The Awards Ceremony celebrated contributions made by SAME Washington DC Post members to our Post, our Society, and to our A/E/C industry. The installation ceremony gave our new team an opportunity to network with members and let everyone know that the momentum that was created at the Washington DC Post by the 2004 leadership team will be carried into 2005 by our new officers and directors.

Seminar: Successful Scheduling: How To Finish Projects On Time
(27 January 2005) (200+ in attendance)
The Washington DC Post hosted this professional seminar on 27 January 2005 at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC. The Seminar focused on successfully scheduling on projects that require CPM schedules with special emphasis on federal projects. This was not a Scheduling 101 session, but rather a professional seminar that was good for all levels of experience as it also covered MEP scheduling, fragnets, and included a case study on a successful USACE design build project presented by two key project members from Fort Jackson, South Carolina. This seminar was attended by more than 200 SAME members and guests from both the public and private sectors. This is one in a series of professional seminars to be held by the Washington DC Post.