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Relationships and Recognition
SAME Washington DC Post

Membership Driven. The Washington DC Post (Chapter) continues its commitment to building relationships with its members and communicating with other SAME Posts. The Washington DC Post is part of a family of Posts that recognizes the importance of communication within The Society as well as fostering partnerships with other professional industry organizations. The Washington DC Post engages our members to reach out and build public and private sector initiatives that extend beyond our organization. The Washington DC Post's Outreach and Communications Committee, Relationships and Recognition Committee, and Education and Training Committee, and others, foster building relationships and provide vehicles for recognition. Together, the Washington DC Post works to build partnerships with other professional societies and associations, public agencies, and small and large businesses.

Washington DC Post Young Members and Fellows serve on our Board of Directors. This service allows for leadership, professional development and mentoring opportunities. Fostering participation of our Young Members and Fellows, and engaging them in the mission, vision, and goals and objectives of SAME, is a relationship multiplier. New members can draw on the experience of more seasoned members, and continue the Washington DC Post legacy of participatory member leadership. The end result is an extended benefit to the Washington DC Post and the professional development and networking opportunities of our Young Members and Fellows.

Recognition is inherent to the way this award winning post does business! The Washington DC Post's leadership team and members are the focal point of our success. Their contributions and commitment to excellence are encouraged, nourished and recognized. The Washington DC Post Annual Awards Dinner and Ceremony and recognizes some of our finest and supports nominations of outstanding contributions of our Washington DC Post members to the Society National Awards Program. Members and companies are also recognized and acknowledged on our web site, in our Post newsletter, featured in the SAME magazine, The Military Engineer and in the SAME newsletter, SAME's News, and publicized in non-SAME publications.