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Scholarship Program
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Scholarship Program Chair: Al O'Konski

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The SAME DC Post is now accepting applications for their annual scholarship program from qualified college students studying engineering, architecture, or environmental science.  Last year the Post proudly presented twelve (12) deserving students each with a $3,000 Scholarship Award. 

Eligibility criteria and requirements are explained within the Scholarship Application - PDF file, 171K (Word File, 113KB). Applications are due April 30, 2017.

2015 Washington DC Post Scholarship Recipients

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Washington DC Post Scholarship Program Overview

SAME is a professional Society, one of the oldest and most respected in the Nation. It maintains the highest standards of professionalism, fosters exchange of ideas, and encourages teamwork between military and civilian engineers and architects. This union of military and civilian design professionals has increased the engineer potential of the United States and helps our Nation "stay ready." As its Charter acclaims, The Society is "Dedicated to National Defense."

The Washington DC Post (Chapter) of the Society offers scholarships annually to architectural and engineering college students, with an emphasis on those in the Washington DC Post area.

The Washington DC Post's active Scholarship Program and its leaders regularly interface on a with the Washington DC metropolitan universities. The Post has established on-going relationships with Catholic University, University of Maryland, Howard University, George Washington University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Scholarships are awarded to students in the engineering, architecture and other sciences departments.

Scholarship applications are reviewed in April and awards are announced in May. Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • US Citizen.
  • A full-time undergraduate student at an accredited university (freshman, sophomore or junior student).
  • Pursuing a major in engineering, architecture, or environmental science.
  • Student of good character.
  • Applicants should complete the form on the reverse side and attach a narrative specifically addressing the following topics in the order listed:
    • Academic Performance
    • Academic/Professional Goals
    • Financial Need (ability to pay for college; other financial assistance to be received)
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Summary of Previous Military Service, if any
    • Statement of why applicant should be considered for award
    • Include other comments to assist selection process.
    • Narrative should be type written, no more than two pages, and have no more than 8 lines per topic.

The applicant's school counselor, academic advisor, or administrator must endorse each application to verify enrollment. The scholarship will be awarded after college enrollment is confirmed in the school year awarded. The scholarship will be paid directly to the School Registrar.

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Strategic Scholarship Plan

In July 2004, your Board of Directors approved a strategic plan to grow the Washington DC Post Scholarship Program to award $12,000 in Scholarship Awards in 2005, with an incremental growth in Scholarships each year thereafter to reach $30,000 in Scholarships to be awarded in 2009. This is an ambitious yet very achievable plan, that will make a significant difference in the lives of many engineering and architecture students studying at local area universities. It is also a fantastic commitment to our industry and profession - one that is essential to ensure that there will be appropriate capability to provide the necessary engineering support for national security in the future. These students are the next generation of professionals. By awarding these deserving students with scholarships, we remind them that their hard work does make a difference. This Strategic Scholarship Program is part of the Washington DC Post's Education Outreach Initiative. Washington DC Post Strategic Scholarship Plan Leaders: Al O'Konski, Julian Sabbatini, Mike McDonald.

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A Dynamic And Moving History

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) is dedicated to "actively pursue the educational aspects of the engineering profession, with emphasis on mentoring, student scholarships, high school and college outreach programs, and continued professional development of its membership". Keeping in step with the Society's goals and objectives, the Washington DC Post Fundraising and Scholarship Committees have made it a part of their mission to uphold this paramount Society directive. With countless hours of dedicated service, members of the Washington DC Post have continued to give of themselves so that the next generation has the opportunity to pursue their career aspirations. It has been a challenging but exciting journey, one that has allowed the Washington DC Post Scholarship Program to grow and flourish.

During the last 14 years, there has been a core group of Post members orchestrating the Washington DC Post Scholarship Program. These individuals took on, and continue to take on a myriad of responsibilities like fundraising, financial management, selecting the award recipients, organizing the annual scholarship banquet, and recruiting applicants. Over the years, they included: Bob Wolff, Marilyn Bracken, Al O'Konski, Carol Mowder, Ron Hubbard, Rose Dela Vega, Martin Sharpless, Murphy Tuomey, and others.

In addition, there is one more person that not only comes to mind, but really stands out in his efforts on the Scholarship Program - Bill Holmes. Bill, a car enthusiast, came up with the idea of the Post raffling a vintage, mint condition 1950's Thunderbird. The car was to be purchased via $50 raffle ticket sales, and all proceeds over the reduced purchase price to the Post would go to the scholarship fund. But since the owner offered the car at such a price, he asked that the annual Post Scholarship winner be chosen from the Environmental Program at Rensselaer University. The year was 1994, and Bill Holmes virtually organized and managed this raffle single-handedly. He advertised nationally, drove the car to malls and special car events, and promoted and sold raffle tickets. He sold over $40,000 in tickets, which net the Post over $19,000; hence, what we old timers on the Committee refer to as the T-Bird RPI Environmental Scholarship. The T-Bird Scholarship has been awarded nine times since 1996 to Environmental degree candidates at Rensselaer.

In addition, Ron Hubbard personally donated more than $10,000 to the Scholarship Fund, thus the "Ronald Hubbard Scholarship" was established. The Hubbard Scholarship has been awarded six times since 1999 to Architecture degree candidates.

Two fundraising efforts arose out of very moving events. In 1997 the SAME community lost an extremely dear and valued friend in Linda McCarthy and later in 2001, a member and friend in Paul Brott. The Washington DC Post Board unanimously approved the Linda McCarthy and Paul Brott Scholarships. Before being awarded annually, scholarships must be endowed by a minimum of $10,000. Bob Wolff successfully led the effort to endow the Linda McCarthy Scholarship. Rose Dela Vega and Murphy Tuomey co-chaired the Brott effort, and with major corporate support from firms like Ewing Cole Cherry Brott and DMJM, as well as many other corporate and personal donations given in honor of Paul, we surpassed the endowment goal and are at $25,000, and still growing. Thus, the "Linda McCarthy Scholarship", and the "Paul Brott Scholarship" were established. The McCarthy Scholarship has been awarded seven times since 1998 to Engineering degree candidates. The Brott Scholarship has been awarded three times since 2002 to Architecture degree candidates.

Over the years, with many hours of dedication to organize fundraising events, we now have an estimated $300,000 Scholarship Fund: Thunderbird Scholarship, McCarthy Scholarship, Ronald Hubbard Scholarship, Paul Brott Scholarship, DC Post Scholarship, Raffles, Corporate and Personal Contributions, Golf Tournaments, Regional and National Conferences (key fundraising events), and the Annual Scholarship Banquet.

In the last 10 years, that Washington DC Post has awarded:

  • Over 65 Scholarships, over $78,000 awarded under the program.
  • Includes $35,000 awarded to 25 recipients as named Scholarships since 1996.

Many individuals have supported and helped plan and build the Scholarship Program at the Washington DC Post over the years. These dedicated individuals include:

  • Marilyn Bracken
  • Rose Dela Vega
  • Al O'Konski
  • Ron Hubard
  • Spencer Brott
  • Tom Stover
  • Murphy Tuomey
  • Julian Sabbatini
  • Mike McDonald

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